Have you ever thought about inviting a dog into your library?  The concept of creating a welcoming environment where children can practice reading aloud to a trained therapy dog is becoming a popular trend.  Research tells us that children who are struggling to gain confidence in their reading abilities can benefit greatly from this experience, and librarians across the country have witnessed success after implementing related programs at their own libraries.  This program can easily be adapted for public and school libraries, and children may even want to read to their pets at home. Read on for more information about "Reading to Dogs," and learn how you, too, can develop a program that will have a positive impact on the young people of your community.  

This video from ABC News gives an overview of how children can improve their literacy skills by reading to dogs.

Created by Melanie Adam, Maria Hertel, Elizabeth Intza, Alyse Liebovich, and Patty Mardula
LIS 506 LEA Fall 2010 - Graduate School of Library and Information Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.